Any problems that occur in the machining stage will cause great losses, not only economically, but also losses in time. Verifying the structure reasonable, part manufacturability and product assembly before going into production is a very important part. With ZW3D’s flexible and visual verification tools you can detect 3D models during the design process to shorten the product development cycle, reduce development cost, save time and increase productivity.

Draft & Thickness Analysis

For a plastic product design, draft analysis and thickness analysis is very important to ensure that the product structure is reasonable and to determine a product’s mold-ability.

  • Draft angle or thickness information of any position is available by hovering the mouse over the model.
  • Positive draft, negative draft, and need draft will be displayed in different colors.
  • The thickness analysis result provides min and max thickness values.

Dynamic Section & Interference Check

During the assembly design process, the interference check feature and other auxiliary tools help designers verify that the parts and assembly will fit.

  • Use the section feature to visually check the interference between shapes in one part or among components in an assembly.
  • The Interface check feature is used for checking the interference between the components or the assembly, and provides detailed    results: number, volume and area of Interference regions.
  • The Drag tool helps designers to check if the components move as intended.

Animation Simulation

Use vivid animation to demonstrate many different kinds of operation of the design, such as: movement, disassembly and assembly. This video is a dynamic product presentation instead of the real product.

  • Verify and simulate assembly movement based on the defined constraints.
  • Exploded view animation to simulate assembly or disassembly process.
  • Save the *.avi video for viewing by others.